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Yoga: What are we really doing to and for the body?

Looking at Yoga Poses Through the Lens of Yoga Neuromechanics With Robyn Capobianco

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Pain Perception: Is it in the Body or Mind?

Movement, it seems, is the “glue that binds the body with the self.” - Luke Miller and Alessandro Farnè at the Lyon Neuroscience Research Centre


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Movement Can Cause Injury, It Can Also Heal Injury

Low back pain is something I am often asked about from my clients, students, friends and family. I wanted to share a helpful post from the founder of Yoga Tune Up, a method based on self-massage, corrective movement, and breath to prevent and heal injury.


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Four Stretches for Healthy Shoulders

Tight shoulders? Check out these easy stretches for shoulder prehab and rehab.



Interoception as mindfulness in the body and how yoga can help change the brain

Awareness in the body can promote lasting changes in the structures of the brain.